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Skiing Accident Injury Claims

People come to Colorado resorts from all over the world to ski during the season. A skier has a responsibility to follow to rules to ensure his or her own safety as well as the safety of other skiers. A ski resort has a responsibility to maintain lifts, trails, and slopes in accordance with the Colorado Ski Safety Act. If you have been injured because of negligence on the part of the facility or another skier or snowboarder, you may be owed compensation. It is important that you consult a personal injury attorney to discuss the circumstances of your accident.

Ski Accident Attorney in Colorado

Part of the fun of skiing is avoiding the natural stationary hazards, such as rock and trees. A novice or reckless skier who is not maintaining a safe speed can be far more difficult to avoid. By law the uphill skier or boarder has the responsibility to avoid or grant right of way to the downhill skier. A failure to abide by this rule can have disastrous results. We handle personal injury cases involving severe injuries such as:

  • Broken bones
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Head and brain injuries
  • Ankle, leg and knee injuries
  • Fatal injuries

A ski accident lawyer with the firm will thoroughly investigate your accident, using accident reconstruction experts as needed, in order to build a strong claim for damages.

The ski area has a responsibility to maintain trails and carefully mark hazards so skiers have adequate warning and can avoid an accident. Injuries from improper operation of ski lifts and rental equipment may also be the responsibility of the ski area’s owner or management. An established personal injury lawyer at our firm can review the circumstances surrounding your accident with you to determine what can be done. Call Fisher & Associates for an initial consultation.

Colorado Snowmobile Accident Lawyer

Snowmobile Injury Claims in Colorado

When the snow arrives, snowmobiles, snowboards and skis are taken out of storage as people head for the outdoors. Snowmobile trips are popular forms of recreation with all ages. Snowmobiles are also used by ski area personnel to inspect and service trails and travel quickly to accident scenes or to render aid to someone in trouble. Snowmobiles are simple to operate which means even children can enjoy this sport. Unfortunately, snowmobile accidents can cause serious injuries when something goes wrong. Reckless operation, speeding, and straying into pedestrian or skiing areas can have tragic consequences. If you have been injured in a snowmobile accident, a Colorado personal injury attorney can assist you to file a claim to recover your medical expenses, pain and suffering and other damages.

Snowmobile Accident Injury Claims

In Colorado snowmobiles must be properly outfitted with a white headlamp and a red tail lamp as well as a florescent flag. They are limited to a maximum speed of twenty miles per hour to protect others who are enjoying the snow. Any injury caused by a failure to follow the regulations while operating a snowmobile may mean the operator or owner of the vehicle is liable for damages. Some snowmobile accidents are the result of a defect within the vehicle itself. This could involve a manufacturing defect or a design defect.

A defect might make the snowmobile dangerous only in specific situations. The manufacturer has a duty to provide accurate instructions and warnings with its products. Injuries or fatalities that are the result of a defect in a product give rise to product liability lawsuits. Without an in-depth investigation you won’t know whether an accident was simply caused by operator error or a defective product. A snowmobile accident lawyer at the firm conducts a thorough investigation into all aspects of an accident to uncover the facts and identify any liable parties.

If you have been injured as a result of another’s negligence you have the right to insist upon full compensation for your losses. A skilled personal injury lawyer with our firm can isolate the cause of your accident and assist you to with the filing of a claim for compensation. Consult Fisher & Associates for more information.

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