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Our Client suffered severe and permanent injuries to both legs when a grate collapsed from under her. The Home Owners Association responsible for the condition of the property denied all responsibility and only offered $40,000 to settle the claim. They even blamed our Client for what had happened, adding insult to injury. We fought hard for our client. After a lengthy and fiercely contested litigation, we took the case to trial. A jury agreed that the Defendant was primarily at-fault and included damages of over $990,000. This almost 20 times what the insurance company had valued the case at. Now our Client has been able to move on with her life, and can rest easier at night knowing that the wrong doer has been held accountable.

Our Client was severely injured in a recreational incident because a corporation failed to properly train their employees and place profits over safety. Our Client came close to death and required lengthy and costly medical care. The at-fault party denied any wrong doing and claimed a waiver excused their negligence. We filed a law suit, overcame numerous legal hurdles and obtained a policy limit settlement of $1,000,000.00 for our Client. Now, they have been able to pay their medical expenses and obtain the justice they deserve.

Our Client suffered a broken neck after being rear-ended by a drug user in a stolen car. The owner of the car’s insurance company denied they were responsible for our Client’s permanent and life changing injuries. We believed differently. The owner had let that person use the car with full knowledge that they were a user of crack cocaine. Our attorneys argued at trial that a reasonable person could foresee that a drug user would steal the car and injure someone else. The jury agreed with us and apportioned fault to the car’s owner. The jury included over $500,000 in damages for our Client. Now our Client’s medical expenses are paid and they’ve obtained justice.

Our Client was the victim of a catastrophic accident with a DUI driver. The at-fault driver’s unscrupulous insurance company sent a doctor to examine our Client in the emergency room prior to our representation. Our auto accident attorneys were able to put a stop to those practices and obtain an excellent $600,000 settlement for our client.

When our Client was rear ended in a serious car accident, the greedy insurance company did not want to pay for his medical bills or injuries. The insurance adjuster claimed that his “soft tissue” injuries weren’t worth much money despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Our car accident attorneys fought for him, and obtained a six figure settlement without the need to file a lawsuit.

Our Client was savagely attacked by a neighbor’s vicious dog and suffered permanent and disabling injuries and scarring. The at-fault party refused to take responsibility for their dangerous animal. Our skilled attorneys filed a law suit against the dog’s owner for the dog bite injuries and held him responsible for his actions. The Judge awarded over $110,000 against the dog owner. Now our Client can pay all of the medical expenses and knows that the dog owner was not allowed to escape justice.

After successfully settling a claim for the death of our Client’s daughter, we represented the Client Pro Bono in a dispute with another law firm who claimed they were owed substantial attorney’s fees after the Client had fired them for cause. We took the case from a District Court hearing through the Colorado Court of Appeals all the way to the Colorado Supreme Court. The Colorado Supreme Court found in our Client’s favor. After years of litigation, our attorneys have helped our Client find closure and move on with her life.

Our Clients, a mother and her two children, were sideswiped by a negligent semi-truck. The insurance company refused to do the right and pay for their medical bills. Our skilled trucking accident attorneys took the company to court to obtain fair compensation for our clients. Although the terms of the settlement are confidential, we obtained substantial compensation for them, which allowed them to return their lives to normal. The trucking company was brought to justice for putting corporate profits over human lives.

Our client was involved in a serious motorcycle accident that left him badly injured. Our motorcycle accident attorneys were able to fight with the insurance company, and obtained over three times the amount of his medical bills, without the need to file a lawsuit.

Our Client suffered neck and back injuries after being rear ended in a car accident. The Defendant denied that they were at fault until the 11th hour and then admitted they caused the accident but that they weren’t responsible for our Client’s injuries. They claimed all of her problems were from something else and that she couldn’t possibly have been hurt in a “low speed” collision. The insurance company even hired a junk scientist to state under oath that the collision was no more forceful than sitting down into a chair. Our skilled accident attorneys took them to trial and a jury saw through their tricks. The jury found that our Client was injured by the Defendant’s negligence and awarded her over $75,000. After interest was included, the verdict was over 4 times what the insurance company had offered to settle.

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