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Under-insured Motorist

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Hit by a Motorist Who Was Under-insured or Not Insured?

Sometimes when people get into car accidents, one of the drivers is under-insured. This means that although they have some insurance coverage, they don’t have enough to cover the cost of damages resulting from a specific type of accident. Most states have under-insured/uninsured motorist laws that allow drivers involved in accidents recover the necessary amount compensation through insurance. Although these policies exist, some drivers still can’t afford it, and some states don’t require it.

If you were involved in an accident and the other driver doesn’t have enough insurance to cover the cost of your damages, then you can seek legal help to ensure that your needs are met. After an accident, you may be facing insurance costs, medical expenses, and lost wages from having to take time off of work to recuperate. Whatever the case, you are entitled to coverage if you were not responsible for causing the accident. Someone else’s lack of insurance shouldn’t cause you to suffer further.

Unfortunately, many drivers choose bare minimum insurance coverage in order to save them money on their policy without considering that doing so may harm other drivers. To protect themselves, many drivers choose policies with added uninsured motorist coverage. This type of policy will cover any additional costs that are not covered because the other driver in your situation did not have enough insurance. Of course, this means taking on the additional cost yourself. It is important to understand the difference between uninsured motorist coverage and underinsured motorist coverage because they serve different functions. If you have under-insured motorist coverage, then this will go toward making up the difference between the actual cost of damages and the other driver’s liability coverage.

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If you were involved in an accident with a driver who does not have adequate insurance, then seek the help of our firm today. At Fisher & Associates P.C., we have a reputation for making successful recoveries for our clients who have been involved in auto accidents. Finding out that the other driver did not have adequate insurance is an additional headache for you to deal with after an accident. Don’t go through the process alone. Secure the assistance of an attorney from our firm who is ready to speak with you about your accident and/or injury claim.

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