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Our award-winning Denver personal injury attorneys recover millions of dollars every year for our clients throughout Colorado. We represent clients who have been involved in accidents of all kinds who have suffered mental and physical injuries. If you’ve been in an accident, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries, medical bills, monetary losses, lost wages, out-of-pocket expenses, and pain and suffering. Call us now to find out what your case is worth.

Our experienced Denver personal injury attorneys can take the burden off you by handling all aspects of your case, allowing you to focus on recovering from your injuries. We understand you may be struggling with finding quality medical care, repairing your vehicle, and even continuing to work. You’re not alone, many of our clients are dealing with these same issues and our experienced attorneys can help you get through this difficult time.


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Why You Need a Denver Personal Injury Attorney

Insurance companies have powerful attorneys on their side; you should, too. Colorado law is complicated and it’s important that you have an experienced attorney to protect your rights. We help you avoid costly mistakes by properly handling your case from the beginning to ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

Colorado personal injury laws are complicated, and insurance companies have powerful attorneys on their side. It’s easy for someone not familiar with the system to make costly mistakes. For example, Colorado has a statute of limitations, which is basically a time limit for filing a lawsuit. These time limits vary, depending on the type of case, but if you fail to file your claim within this time period, the courts will refuse to hear your case.

It pays to have a Denver personal injury attorney on your side from the start to:

Investigate the circumstances of your accident, to gather evidence to prove that another party was negligent and that you were not at fault. Deal with insurance companies whose goal is to pay you as little as possible. Our Denver personal injury lawyers will aggressively work to get you the money you deserve.

File a lawsuit and take your case to court and argue for you at trial if an agreement with insurance cannot be reached.

Whether negotiating with insurance companies, or investigating, building, or arguing your case in court, our personal injury lawyers in Denver can take the burden off you, so you can concentrate on recovery. Here are some answers to commonly asked questions about the personal injury process and the compensation we can get for you.

What does negligence mean?

To win your personal injury case, our lawyers would have to show that another party, the defendant in the case, was negligent and therefore at fault for causing your injuries. Legally, negligence means showing:

  • The defendant had a duty of care to you;
  • The defendant failed that duty by certain actions or failure to act;
  • This failure of duty caused your injuries;
  • You suffered damages as a result.

How much compensation can I get in a personal injury case?

Damage awards vary greatly from case to case, depending on the circumstances involved, but can range from hundreds to millions of dollars. Factors that are considered in determining a personal injury settlement amount include:

  • The seriousness of your injuries and whether they will be permanent and require lifelong care. Injuries such as paralysis are worth more than a broken bone that will heal;
  • Lost earnings and whether you will be able to work in the future;
    Whether a death happened as a result;
  • How much insurance coverage or personal assets are available. Once available insurance is exhausted, our personal injury lawyers can go after the assets of a negligent party;
  • Whether the property was privately or government owned. There are limits to liability of government entities;
  • The individual jurisdiction, judge, and jury if there is a trial, as some tend to be more generous than others.

Should I accept an insurance offer?

No. You should always seek the advice of an experienced Denver personal injury attorney before you accept any offer. Do not forget that the insurance company has lawyers working for them, so you should too. It’s important to remember that insurance companies are out for profit and will try to get you to settle for as little as possible. A common tactic in a personal injury case is to make you a lowball offer in return for signing a release. Don’t give in to the temptation to take this money quickly, as it will likely be for less than your case is worth, and if your injuries worsen and you wind up needing more care, you will not be able to get anything additional. Make sure you talk to your Denver personal injury lawyer before agreeing to anything. Let us handle negotiating with insurance companies.

How do you prove negligence?

Our personal injury attorneys look to prove negligence by investigating the scene of the accident and gathering evidence that shows the other party was at fault. We do this by:

  • Examining the accident scene to get a picture of how the accident occurred;
  • Obtaining police, first responder, and medical reports and records that document the accident and your injuries;
  • Interviewing eyewitnesses;
  • Gathering evidence from photographs and videos from surveillance and traffic cameras;
  • Hiring expert witnesses to reconstruct the accident and provide testimony.

What if I am partially at fault?

According to Colorado law, even if you were partially at fault and contributed to the accident, you may still receive compensation. As long as you were not more than 50 percent at fault, our Denver personal injury lawyers can still help you win a settlement for the percentage that the other parties were at fault.

When should my case go to trial?

Our experienced Denver personal injury attorneys will advise you on whether or not to go to trial, however, it is ultimately your decision to make. Trials are costly, can be disruptive to your personal life, take years to complete and there are no guarantees when a jury is deciding your fate. As a result, for most of our clients it is usually better to reach a settlement agreement outside of court. However, if negotiations break down, it may be necessary to take your case to trial. Factors our personal injury lawyers will consider include:

  • The likelihood of getting more money for your case through trial;
  • The circumstances of your accident and the amount of negligence of the defendant;
  • Whether you were partially at fault and contributed to the accident;
    Whether there is strong evidence in your favor;
  • Whether there are witnesses to testify on your behalf;
  • The available amount of insurance and personal assets of the defendant;
  • Whether it is essential to receive a settlement amount quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

No matter what your injury is or its cause, the personal injury attorneys at Fisher & Associates can advise you on the best course of action. When it comes to a personal injury, be aware that taking action quickly, while evidence is fresh and witnesses can be found, is essential to achieve the most successful outcome in your case.

No Matter What Your Injury Is Or Its Cause, The Personal Injury Attorneys At Fisher & Associates Can Advise You On The Best Course Of Action

When it comes to a personal injury, be aware that taking action quickly, while evidence is fresh and witnesses can be found, is essential to achieve the most successful outcome in your case.

To get started, call us today at 303-779-5300 for your free consultation.

Compensation Our Personal Injury Attorneys May Win for You


An accident can cause serious injuries that affect your life physically, emotionally, and financially. When your injury is caused by the negligence or fault of another party, they can be held liable. In Colorado, you may win an award, called damages, that includes payment for your monetary or economic losses, as well as non-economic damages that are less tangible and do not have a specific monetary value.

The amounts of damage awards vary according to the individual circumstances of the negligent behavior, and also the extent and permanence of the injuries that resulted.

What We Can Do For You.

  • We protect your rights.
  • We tell your story to maximize the value of your case.
  • We deal with insurance companies so you don’t have to.
  • We investigate your accident leaving no stone unturned.
  • We help you find quality medical care for your injuries.
  • We help you recover for your lost or damaged property.
  • We fight every step of the way to get you the most compensation for your case.
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