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Colorado has some of the best motorcycle riding in the World, but if you are involved in an accident, the results can be catastrophic. Our experienced motorcycle accident attorneys are here to help you. Every attorney in our firm rides, as do many of our staff, so we understand the unique challenges and dangers that can lead up to a motorcycle accident. If you’ve been in a motorcycle accident call us now to get the compensation you deserve.

Motorcycles are no match for larger vehicles and offer less protection for riders. In a motorcycle crash, the contact of your body with another vehicle and the road greatly increases the likelihood of serious injury and fatalities, especially if you are not wearing a helmet or protective clothing. Those who survive a severe accident can be left incapacitated, unable to work and earn money, and their lives and relationships may be forever changed. In addition, there will be mounting expenses such as medical and rehabilitation bills and the costs of repairing or replacing a vehicle.

If you or a loved one has been injured or someone has died in a motorcycle accident that was caused by someone else’s negligence or fault, you may be entitled to compensation for your losses. However, Colorado laws are complicated, and insurance companies will try to get you to accept a low-ball settlement, so it pays to have a motorcycle accident attorney in Denver on your side to prevent making costly mistakes.

The experienced motorcycle accident lawyers at Fisher and Associates will handle negotiations with insurance companies and navigating the legal hurdles involved with getting the most compensation possible. We offer a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss the details of your accident and determine the best way to proceed.

You pay nothing unless we win a settlement for you, so do not delay. Call us today at 303-779-5300 to get started.

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Why Our Denver Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Win


After a motorcycle accident, you will have to deal with your injuries, getting medical care, and mounting bills — all while you are unable to work. Most people in this situation are overwhelmed by having to deal with insurance companies and legal issues. Insurance companies, who are out to make a profit, will often try to get you to settle quickly for a low amount. Once you accept their offer, you will be unable to ask for more later, even if your injuries worsen and you have additional costs.

The motorcycle accident attorneys at Fisher and Associates will handle any conflicts with insurance companies on your behalf. We will focus on recovering lost wages, paying for medical bills, hospital bills, vehicle damage costs and any additional compensation you deserve.

With our winning strategy, you have the benefit of working with an experienced team.

  • VALUE OF YOUR CLAIM: We have the experience necessary to estimate the worth of claims and fight for a just settlement. We will add up the total cost of your past, present, and likely future expenses related to the wreck, including intangible costs like pain and suffering. With this estimate in mind, we will proceed to take your case forward.

  • TACTICS TO HANDLE INSURERS: We know how to approach the insurance company and skillfully negotiate an agreement that’s fair to you. We are aware of the tactics that insurance companies and their lawyers use to pressure you to accept less than your case is worth. They are more likely to take your case seriously once you have a lawyer on your side.

  • GOING TO COURT: We will take your case to court if necessary. In a relatively small percentage of cases, the insurance company may not be willing to give you what your injuries warrant. At that point, filing a lawsuit may be the best approach.

Our motorcycle accident lawyers have years of experience dealing with cases similar to yours and know how to get you the best possible recovery. Call Fisher and Associates for your free consultation today at 303-779-5300 to get started.

What Compensation Can You Recover with Our Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

In a successful case, your motorcycle accident lawyer can win compensation for your economic and non-economic damages or losses.

Economic damages are the calculable monetary losses you had. These may include:

  • Medical and therapy expenses

  • Lost wages

  • Property damage.

Non-economic damages are those more difficult to put a dollar value on, such as:

  • Pain and suffering

  • Loss of consortium and enjoyment of life.

The following is a list of damages and injuries that may be recovered by our motorcycle accident attorneys:

  • Damage or Repair Costs: If your motorcycle needs to be repaired or replaced, an at-fault defendant is liable to pay that damage and repair costs.

  • Medical Expenses: Shouldering the burden of medical bills and hospital bills cannot be handled by every victim. We can get your costs recovered.

  • Wages and Potential Earnings: As a result of the accident, you may be unable to work, leading to loss of wages and reduction in potential future earnings. These losses can be recovered.

  • Pain and Suffering: Bodily injuries are visible, but the mental stress and suffering is invisible and harms the victim. The defendant has to pay compensation for this when your motorcycle accident attorneys represent you effectively.

  • Mental Anguish: Wounds can be healed, but the mental stress and trauma suffered after the accident can be unbearable and life-changing. We will fight for compensation.

  • Loss of Consortium: Loss of consortium is one of those non-economic damages which results in the loss of companionship, moral support, and intimacy following a wrongful injury to one’s spouse.

Our motorcycle accident attorneys can classify what is recoverable and guide you accordingly.

What Factors Affect the Amount Your Motorcycle Accident Attorney Can Win?


The compensation our motorcycle accident attorneys can win will depend on factors such as the extent of your injuries and your ability to perform daily activities. The factors that affect awards vary from case to case, but the following are usually involved:

  • Extent of your injuries: Serious and permanent injuries that require long-term care, such as paralysis, will be worth more than broken bones that can heal.

  • Degree of defendant’s liability: Establishing fault is important.  If the defendant was clearly at fault, they will be more willing to settle.

  • Insurance coverage available: If insurance coverage is low and the defendant has few assets, a settlement will be lower than if there is higher insurance available.

  • The jurisdiction where your case is heard: Some courts and juries tend to award more than others, and some people may be prejudiced against motorcyclists.

Our attorneys are aware of these factors and will work hard to ensure the best possible resolution of your case.

Colorado Laws That May Affect Your Motorcycle Accident Case

Colorado has several laws that may affect your motorcycle accident case, including:

  • Contributory and comparative negligence – According to statute C.R.S. 13-21-111, you may still seek compensation even if you contributed to and were partly at fault in a motorcycle accident. As long as you were not more than 50 percent at fault, you may be able to receive the percentage of the settlement that the other party was at fault.

  • Colorado also has statutes of limitations, that can affect your claim if you don’t file it in time.

The sooner you contact our attorneys, the sooner we can start to build your case before this deadline runs out.

Denver Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Proving Fault

Proving another party, the defendant in the case, was at fault for causing your accident is a necessary element in winning your case.  Proving fault means showing the following elements:

  • Duty – The defendant owed you a duty of care.

  • Breach – The defendant breached that duty by acting or failing to act.

  • Causation – As a result, the defendant caused a crash and injuries.

  • Damages – You suffered damages as a result.

In determining whether the defendant breached a duty of care, such as the duty to drive safely and avoid hitting your motorcycle, the jury will consider whether a reasonable prudent person would have acted the same way in the same circumstances.

To prove fault, our motorcycle accident lawyers will investigate your case by:

  • Examining police, ambulance, and medical records and reports

  • Interviewing eyewitnesses and doctors

  • Gathering evidence such as surveillance or traffic camera videos

  • Hiring experts to reconstruct the accident, testify as to what happened, and prove your past and projected future expenses.

Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Depending on the type of accident, motorcycle accident injuries can vary greatly, and critical injuries may show up over time. The following are common injuries resulting from a motorcycle crash:

  • Bone Fractures: Bone fractures are most likely to occur when the motorist falls off the vehicle.

  • Severe head trauma: Head injuries can result in permanent changes in mental capabilities.

  • Spinal cord injuries: A sudden impact of a motorcycle accident gives a sudden blow to the spine. This often causes permanent loss of strength, sensation, partial or complete paralysis and function below the site of injury.

  • Neck injuries: The limited range of motion caused by neck injuries is life-altering and can cause damage to the bones, tendons, ligaments, nerves or muscles of the neck.

  • Brain Damages: Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) is the leading cause of death and disability in motorcycle accidents.

  • Disfigurement: Permanent disfigurement can be a result of burns, facial injuries, and severe lacerations. Victims are often left with scars, amputated limbs or other kinds of disfigurement.

  • Loss of limbs: When motorcyclists are thrown off the bike, they may suffer irreparable damage to their legs and arms as they skid along the ground.

  • Paralysis: Depending on the severity of head and brain and spine injuries, paralysis can occur.

  • Death: If someone suffers a wrongful death after the accident, their family members can file claims on their behalf.

We always provide a 100% free and confidential initial consultation to discuss the details of your motorcycle injury. Call us today at 303-779-5300 and let us show you how we can help.

Securing Justice for Your Claim.

To make sure you get justice for your claim, you should prepare detailed information regarding the motorcycle accident and how it happened before talking to our lawyers. You should have medical records and documentation of your injuries and medical care you received. Find any relevant documents such as your insurance policy, police reports, names of witnesses and initial information exchanged at the scene. You should have a list of questions for our attorneys, such as:

  • At Fisher and Associates, we have years of experience with motorcycle accidents. We know the vulnerability of motorcycle riders and their susceptibility to serious injuries. We understand that juries tend to be prejudiced against motorcyclists and are fully prepared to counter this prejudice with the facts. We have experience dealing with insurance companies and the tactics they use and can negotiate with them aggressively. We have experience taking motorcycle accident cases to trial, as well, and have recovered millions of dollars for our clients every year.

  • Settlements vary greatly, according to circumstances and factors of the case. Motorcyclists often receive severe injuries, and these bring higher settlement amounts. If your injuries involve permanent damage and require long-term care, such as brain damage that results in paralysis, the settlement value increases. A wrongful death brings increased value, especially if the victim was young and left dependents. Other factors include the inclination of the individual judge and jury in your jurisdiction and the skill of the motorcycle accident attorneys in the case.

  • At Fisher & Associates, you will have an attorney to deal with personally all through your case. You can call your motorcycle accident attorney with questions about your accident, the progress of your case, or if you need help at any time. We do not hand off your case to lower associates, but we do have support staff that can provide extra assistance.

  • We will examine the details of your case and determine this based on the facts involved. Factors that affect whether we go to trial include the circumstances of your accident, whether you were partially at fault, the witnesses and the evidence that support your case, whether the defendant has sufficient insurance and personal assets, and the extent of your injuries. If you need the money quickly, we would consider the potential cost of a trial and the time it will take, as well.

  • Our team of motorcycle accident lawyers works on a contingency basis. We will pay for up-front expenses such as investigating your case, finding witnesses, and acquiring reports and documents. There is no cost to you unless we win a settlement. At that time, we will take a standard percentage of the settlement award after deducting expenses.

Contact a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Denver For Help

If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle crash, your next step should be to contact a motorcycle accident lawyer in Denver to make sure your case is handled properly to get you the compensation you deserve. At Fisher and Associates, we have years of experience dealing with cases similar to yours, and we have been able to recover millions of dollars every year. Our team of attorneys can effectively handle the complications involved and get you the best possible recovery.

We provide a 100% free consultation to discuss your individual situation and address your concerns. You can trust us to fight for your rights and justice.

Call us at 303-779-5300 for your free consultation to see what our motorcycle accident lawyer can do for you.

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