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  • December 8, 2017
  • pfisher
Frequently Asked Questions related to personal injury. [accordion_wrapper name=”FAQ”][accordion_section count=”1″ name=”FAQ” title=”What is Personal Injury law?” open=”yes”]Personal injury law refers to claims for compensation for injuries resulting from any wrongful conduct. Most claims are based on negligence, caused by any member of society for putting others at risk, which could be anything: medical complications due to the carelessness of physician, car accident, slip and fall accidents, or any other injury or harm. It is considered a personal injury case and the plaintiff may be entitled to compensation for the injuries caused by the defendant. Here, the plaintiff can claim damages for the physical injury, emotional distress,or property damage caused by the defendant. One needs to contact personal injury lawyer to sue guilty parties. [/accordion_section][accordion_section count=”2″ name=”FAQ” title=”What should I do if I have been injured in a car accident?” open=”no”]Even the thought of car accident is threatening, but it is important to keep calm at the accident. When you are in a car accident, check if all the passengers are safe and sound. Don’t leave the accident location whether you are victim or defendant. If any of you is injured, call the ambulance and immediately report to police. You can further follow below steps. [/accordion_section][accordion_section count=”3″ name=”FAQ” title=”Steps to take after an accident?” open=”no”]Following steps should be followed when you are in a car wreck: • Seek Medical Aid • Exchange contact details and insurance information with driver • Make a detailed note of car accident • If possible, take photos of the scene • Collect details of witnesses • Contact Police to report the incident [/accordion_section][accordion_section count=”4″ name=”FAQ” title=”When should I contact a personal injury attorney?” open=”no”]You should hire a personal injury lawyer immediately, if any of the following situations applicable to you: • When you are involved in a car accident • You experience the death of a family member or loved one due to the wrongdoing of others • Severe Injury caused by the negligence of others • Permanently Disabling Injuries • When you are not guilty and still the reports are against you • Insurance company denies to pay the claimed compensation • The limits of your liability are low • To seek advice on claimed settlement • To protect your rights on your behalf • If you have any confusion over the applicable law, terms, or policies [/accordion_section][accordion_section count=”5″ name=”FAQ” title=”How Much Does it cost to hire personal Injury attorney?” open=”no”]Generally, our attorneys handle all personally injury cases on a contingency basis. This means that you pay nothing up front, and only pay any fees if we recover a settlement or verdict on your behalf. You agree to pay a particular percentage of the amount recovered in your claim. You never owe us any attorney fees if you lose. [/accordion_section][accordion_section count=”6″ name=”FAQ” title=”How can a personal injury lawyer help?” open=”no”]Your Personal Injury Lawyer will advise you regarding legal options. All of our consultations are 100% free. With their expert knowledge and years of experience, they can assist you to make sure that you obtain the compensation that you deserve. They understand which documents and evidence will make your case as strong as possible and they guide through every step of your claim, all the way up to settlement or trial. [/accordion_section][accordion_section count=”7″ name=”FAQ” title=”How can I select best personal Injury lawyer for my case?” open=”no”]There are different ways people generally select attorneys. Here are some tips to select best personal injury lawyer for your case: • Choose an attorney who exclusively fights Personal Injury Cases • They must have high number of proven verdicts and settlement • Who are willing to handle your case seriously by paying personal attention • Consider their past clientage and the number of satisfactory ones among them [/accordion_section][/accordion_wrapper]
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