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Personal Injury

Any injury caused due to negligent or reckless action, either intentionally or unintentionally by another person is identified as “Personal Injury”. Plaintiff’s injury must be caused by defendant’s action to claim personal injury and the defences to liability include intervening causes, pre-existing condition and assumption of the risk. A successful plaintiff in a personal injury suit gets a recovery for medical expenses, vehicle damage, emotional damage or whichever damages are applicable to the particular claim or situation.

What is a Personal Injury Law?

The situations when a person is hurt physically, mentally or emotionally, due to someone’s intentional act or carelessness and causes serious injury or death is considered under “Personal Injury Law”. It is also referred as Tort Law.

The case is generally initiated when the injured person – referred as plaintiff, decides to sue the opposite person or business – referred as a defendant. In a Personal Injury Lawsuit, the defendant has to compensate the injured party for their damages. There are a lot of categories of Personal injury cases. Plaintiffs have different options to prove the claims and obtain compensation. Hence it is important to approach and consult with lawyers specialised in the particular area of law. While there may be limits on the claimable amount, our experienced personal injury attorneys will work to maximise your recovery.

The process of presenting your claim involves a lot of work in order to prepare all documentation , medical reports and statements. However, we make sure that this process is as quick as possible, to make sure that you receive compensation as soon as possible.

Type of Personal Injury

From the long list of personal injuries, some of the most common ones are as follows:

  1. Vehicle Accidents including Car, Trucks, Moped or Pedestrians
  2. Products Liability of Consumers – defective and recalled products
  3. Animal-caused Injuries, such as dog bites
  4. Ultra-hazardous Activity-caused Injuries – Due to use of harmful chemicals
  5. Premises Liability – Fatal Injuries or Minor Ones due to slipping or falling
  6. Defamation or Emotional Distress or any Mental or Physical Injury
  7. Medical Negligence – for victims of medical malpractices
  8. Workers Compensation – workers can make claims for injuries in the case of workplace injury or accident
  9. Tragic Injuries – any injury which might lead to death
  10. Claims for Abusive Act suffering

Why should you contact Personal Injury Lawyer?

Here are some obvious reasons for you to contact a Personal Injury Lawyer:

  1. They have are very knowledgeable on the applicable law, and will help guide you through your claim.
  2. Their negotiation skills are of great assistance.
  3. Their experience will be applied to your case with best possible outcome.
  4. They will advise you regarding the reasonable value of your claim, so that you are not left guessing about what your claim is worth.
  5. Our attorneys accept these cases on a contingent fee, meaning that they don’t get paid unless you win your case.

Hire Our Personal Injury Lawyer

We are here to represent your claim for damages, including physical or emotional injury caused due to any wrongdoing, negligence or carelessness. We can make claims for compensation against individuals, government agencies or private firms. Hire our experienced Personal Injury Lawyer who can effectively represent you and assist you with every step of the process to get as much compensation as soon as possible.

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