Car Accidents have devastating effects and cause immense damage, taking more lives every year. These accidents are fatal not only for individuals but for families as well. The injuries are not limited to physical car accident injuries or death, but also can also include emotional distress, diminished quality of life, and financial hardship. Every accident is different, and the impact felt by the victims is unique as well. That is why it is important to contact a personal injury attorney to make sure that your rights are protected.

Car Accident Injuries – Things you need to Know

Before you consult any of the top car accident attorneys firm, it is better to avail the basic knowledge regarding the car accident. Here is the basic detail you should take into consideration which may be helpful if you or your loved one encounter any accident.

Some of the most commonly occurring car crashes in Colorado include:

  1. Rear Crashes
  2. Side-on or T-bone Crashes
  3. Distracted Crash due to Speeding
  4. Accidents on Winding Roads and Curves
  5. Head-on Crashes
  6. Rollover or Multiple Impact Accident
  7. Trucking accidents

How to claim for Car Accident in Colorado?

As per the law, three conditions are required to be met while making a claim for injuries caused by a car wreck:

  1. Liability- You need to prove that the accident was caused by the other driver
  2. That you suffered damages as a result
  3. That these damages were the result of the accident, and not caused by some other incident.

Car Accident Injuries

The after effects of car accidents differ from crash to crash. Some of them cause minor injury, some result in severe or catastrophic injury, while others can even lead to death. Though each Car Accident Injury can be described separately, they can be broadly classified into two categories: Impacting and Penetrating Injuries. Here are some types of commonly observed Car accident Injuries:

  1. Soft Tissue Injuries – Injuries to muscles, ligaments, or tendons Brain & other kinds of Head Injuries
  2. Neck & Spinal Injuries
  3. Arm & Chest Injuries
  4. Diaphragm Rupture / Lower Chest Muscular Injury
  5. Abdominal Injuries
  6. Lower Body Injuries: Leg, Knees, and Foot
  7. Traumatic Injury / Psychological Injury

What to do after a car accident?

  1. Safely park your car Find a safe place to park your car such as the shoulder of the road. Where necessary, also turn on your hazard lights.
  2. Check if anyone is Injured.  You need to make sure that the passengers in the car are safe and sound else you need to seek medical guidance immediately. It is important to remember that not all injuries will be immediately apparent. Even if your symptoms do not appear for hours or days after the car accident, they may still be caused by the accident.
  3. Call the police It is important that you contact the police immediately following an accident. Often, the other driver’s story will change after speaking to his or her insurance carrier. Contacting the police is the best way to ensure that you are not blamed for an accident that was not your fault.
  4. Do not speak to an insurance carrier before speaking to a personal injury attorney. Insurance carriers, including your own insurance company, will often take your statement in an attempt to get out of paying the compensation that you deserve. Remember that any information you give to them will likely be used against you.

What details to collect? It is important to contact the police & car accident lawyers after the accident. However, if police cannot come out to the scene, or if the officer won’t take down anyone’s information, remember to get:

  1. Details of the car owner and driver: name, phone number, address, and license number
  2. Car Details – model, year and registration Number
  3. Driver’s Insurance Details, including the policy number
  4. Details of the accident – when and where it happened.
  5. Contact information for any witnesses

Auto Accident Attorney

It is important to contact an attorney after an auto accident, even if the accident does not immediately appear to be serious. Even minor accidents can cause serious injuries, and symptoms often don’t develop until several days after the accident.

When to Hire an Auto Accident Attorney?

It is important to contact an auto accident attorney as quickly as possible following the accident. The longer that you wait, the staler the evidence becomes. This can make it much more difficult for you to recover the compensation that you deserve. This, in turn, can reduce the amount of money that you receive. It is extremely important that you do not wait – contact a personal injury attorney at Fisher& Associates today.