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Award-Winning Denver Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Denver Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Motorcycle Accidents are generally more devastating and catastrophic than car accidents. It gets very tedious to manage to bear the pain of injuries and fight for compensation at the same time. It will be difficult to move further without Motorcycle Accident lawyer that can thoroughly analyze your case and guide you through every step. You need a legal team to represent you in the court of law and get you the compensation you deserve.


Why Do You Need Motorcycle Accident Attorneys?

Motorcycle Accident Attorneys will handle conflicts with the opponent party and the insurance companies on your behalf. Most victims are busy dealing with the pain and injuries after an accident & there could be a chance of the case being delayed. While you focus on getting the best medical attention, your motorcycle accident attorney will focus on recovering lost wages, paying for medical bills, hospital bills, vehicle damage costs and any additional compensation you deserve. It is difficult to estimate the worth of claims and this is one of the important reasons to hire a trusted attorney.

If any of your loved one is injured in car accident or truck accident, our Colorado Car Accident Attorneys and Denver Truck accident attorney . Our consultation is 100% free.


Type of Motorcycle Accident Injury Claims

Motorcycle accident injuries are different and often more severe; therefore, claims are going to need to be handled different. For instance, if someone incurs a wrongful death after the accident, their family members can file claims on their behalf. Any kind of negligence by another driver can cause unimaginable harm to the victim.
Insurance Negotiations are not as smooth as the companies promise and to your surprise, they are often large businesses seeking out their own profits rather than benefiting you. Nobody can assist you better than Motorcycle Accident Lawyers here at Fisher and Associates.


Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Depending on the type of the accident, motorcycle accident injuries can vary from a car accident. Unlike car drivers, the motorcyclists are not protected to the extent other drivers are, despite wearing safety gears. They get in touch with the bare surface of the road which can instantly cause bodily injuries. But more critical injuries may show up later as well. The following are common injuries resulting from a motorcycle crash:

  • Bone Fractures: Bone Fractures are most likely to occur as when the motorist falls off the vehicle, their leg remains underneath the motorcycle, thus resulting in a broken leg. Wrist and arm fractures, shoulder and pelvis fractures can also happen as the riders naturally react to break fall and catch themselves
  • Severe head trauma: Head injuries can result in permanent changes in mental capabilities. In turn, the costs of treating and rehabilitating motorcycle brain injury can literally place a large financial burden on the victim’s pocket. Your motorcycle accident attorneys can claim for these bodily injuries for you.
  • Spinal cord injuries: A sudden impact of motorcycle accident gives a sudden blow to the spine. This often causes permanent loss of strength, sensation, partial or complete paralysis and function below the site of injury.
  • Neck injuries: The limited range of motion caused by neck injuries is life-altering. It can cause damage to the bones, tendons, ligaments, nerves or to the muscles of the neck.
  • Brain Damages: Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) is the leading causes of death and disability in motorcycle accidents. Despite wearing helmets, bike riders still have chances to get head injuries.
  • Disfigurement: Permanent disfigurement can take place as a result of burns, facial injuries, and severe lacerations. Victims are often left with scars, amputated limbs or other kinds of disfigurement which may serve as a constant reminder of their crash.
  • Loss of limbs: Though most motorcycle riders are diligent about performing essential safety measures, when they are thrown-off the bike, they suffer irreparable damage to their legs and arms as they skid along the ground.
  • Paralysis: Depending on the severity of head and brain and spine injuries, paralysis can happen to the victim which affects the victim’s life adversely.
  • Death: Even if the victim somehow resists living after the accident but the body did not support and lead to death, loss of life is the biggest damage after any kind of road crash.


How Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Can Help You?

Our Motorcycle Accident Lawyers have years of experience dealing with cases similar to yours, thus recovering millions of dollars every year. Our team of attorneys can effectively handle the complications and tactfully frame the case to get you the best possible recovery. We begin with a 100 % Free Consultation where you can discuss the scene, accident, and we will listen to your story and address your concerns. From there we will continue with necessary steps until you get the compensation you deserve. You can trust us to fight for your rights as we deal with every entity involved in your case.

What Compensation Can You Recover from a Motorcycle Accident?

It often confusing to the victim what damages and injuries are eligible for compensation. What can be recovered by the motorcycle accident attorneys?  Here are they listed:

  • Damage or Repair Costs: The vehicle has sustained the accident but might not be in a condition to using. It needs to be repaired and hence the opponent is liable to pay that damage and repair costs.
  • Medical Expenses: Shouldering the burden of medical bills and hospital bills cannot be handled by every victim and they may have to spend their life savings. You don’t have to do this as we can get your bill amounts recovered by our motorcycle accident lawyer.
  • Wages and Potential Earnings: As a result of the accident, the victim may lose the efficiency to work and this leads to loss of wages and reduction in potential earnings which can be recovered.
  • Pain and Suffering: Bodily injuries are visible but the mental stress and suffering is invisible and harms the victim. The opponent has to compensate for this when your motorcycle accident attorneys represent you effectively.
  • Mental Anguish: Mental distress harms more than bodily injuries as wounds can be healed but the stress and trauma suffered after the accident is unbearable and life-changing.
  • Loss of Consortium: Loss of consortium is one of those non-economic damages which results in the loss of companionship, moral support, and intimacy following a wrongful injury to one’s spouse. You cannot classify the recoverable and non-recoverable damages, let our Motorcycle Accident Attorneys guide you throughout.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Denver, Colorado

The Risks of Motorcycle Accidents in Denver

More than 5,300 people lost their lives in motorcycle accidents in a recent year, and approximately 4,400 people lost their lives. With the increased use of helmets which meet federal safety standards, the ratio of fatalities to accidents has decreased significantly over the last three decades. As more individuals resort to using motorcycles as an economic form of transportation, the number of riders is constantly increasing. In any traffic collision, given the lack of protective structure, a motorcycle rider stands a very significant chance of being seriously injured. The motorcycle may be a total loss. An established Colorado personal injury attorney understands that seeing your bike restored or replaced could be concern.

Protecting Your Rights

A high percentage of collisions with other vehicles occur at intersections. Less experienced riders usually don’t expect a motorist to drive right into them, yet this is exactly what happens in many cases. In virtually all collisions where the motorist was making a left-hand turn, the motorist states he or she simply didn’t see the motorcycle until it was too late. Driver distraction is a major factor in all vehicle accidents. Other factors include drinking and driving, speeding, and reckless driving. Motorcyclists also must contend with dangerous road conditions. Some accidents are caused by defective bikes, defective motorcycle components, or improper repairs and maintenance. A skilled motorcycle accident lawyer can conduct a thorough investigation into your accident to determine the actual cause, identify the liable party and take action to hold him or her accountable for all damages.

The often devastating injuries to head, spine, groin and various limbs can mean a long period of recovery, sometimes with lasting disability. Many cases involve catastrophic injuries such as spinal cord injuries or traumatic brain injury, and the injured victim will need us to aggressively pursue the maximum possible compensation. The hospital and other medical expenses can become staggering. It is only fair that the at-fault driver or other negligent party fully compensates you for your out-of-pocket expenses as well as your past and future lost income, your pain and suffering and other losses. It is important that you have a dedicated personal injury motorcycle accident lawyer on your side that will not back down when it comes to protecting your future and fighting for equitable compensation. Call Fisher & Associates P.C. to discuss your accident and legal needs.

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