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Types of Catastrophic Injuries

There are several types of injuries that are so devastating to the victim that they are termed “catastrophic”. These are cases in which there are life changing consequences for the victim. When an individual has suffered such an injury through the negligent act of another person or corporation, it is necessary to seek the assistance of a personal injury lawyer to assist in filing a claim or lawsuit. These can be complex cases to litigate it is crucial that you interests are protected and that sufficient compensation is recovered to address the extent of the damages.

Some of the types of injuries that are considered catastrophic in nature include traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injuries, some birth injuries, and serious burn injuries. The future of the individual is forever altered; they may face serious losses of mental capacity, physical abilities, or have injuries that are so severe that they are disfigured. Even with advanced medical treatments, there are some injuries that cannot be fully resolved. As future treatments are discovered, we want our clients to have the finances available to access these treatments with the hope of a better resolution.

Compensation for Catastrophic Injuries

The compensation sought by our legal team in a catastrophic injury case will be very high value – as is only fair. There is no amount of compensation that can truly balance out any loss of ability or permanent changes to an individual’s potential future. There is a form of justice that can be sough through a civil claim against the negligent party. Our legal team has extensive experience and an impressive record of success in helping our clients recover the compensation they deserve in such cases. We are a compassionate and client-focused law firm and are here to help you in any such injury case.

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