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If your insurance company lowballs you on your claim or refuses to cover you completely, then there is a good chance that the company is practicing in bad faith.

Accident victims can benefit from the professional legal services offered by Fisher & Associates PC when dealing with insurance companies and claims following an accident. Insurance companies are businesses and are interested in maintaining a high profit margin. They typically attempt to settle quickly for as small of a payout to the injured parties as possible. When it comes to seeking compensation, it is advisable to get legal representation to ensure that someone is helping you fight for your best interests.

Can My Insurance Company Cancel My Policy?

Many people are shocked to find out that their insurance company has canceled their policy or failed to renew it. This denial of coverage can happen for a number of reasons. First of all, your insurer may have failed to renew your policy because they believe that you filed too many claims and present too great a liability for them to carry. This practice is fairly common and can leave people without critical access to care during the time that they need it most. You may question whether this practice is legal, but there are many ways insurance companies can justify a canceled policy. Some of their justifications are valid and some of them are not. If you believe that your insurance company is making a false claim, unjustifiably denying coverage, or not upholding its end of the contract (your insurance policy), then you may have grounds to file a bad faith claim.

Fighting Denied Claims

Unfortunately, insurance companies are in the business of making money. They directly profit by the premiums that you pay toward your policy and they lose money when you file a claim. This formula ultimately makes them more concerned with their own interests rather than yours. That concern for their own bottom line is most apparent in the case of natural disasters. Incidents like earthquakes, floods, and fires are disasters that can cause damage to hundreds of homes, leaving insurance companies in a panic over the amount of money they will have to shell out to cover all of the injured people and damaged property. If your insurance company lowballs you on your claim or refuses to cover you completely, then there is a good chance that the company is practicing in bad faith.

It is important to seek legal assistance following an accident and let the attorneys deal with the insurance company. Insurance companies conduct investigations following accidents and the adjusters and other company representatives can be intimidating. Insurance providers that act in bad faith by denying proper claims or use other tactics to avoid responsibility can be subject to further legal action. The insurance claim process can be complex and overwhelming for an injured individual or the family members of the victim. Insurance businesses may try to avoid paying accident victims or their families by denying a claim outright, reassigning responsibility, or withholding available compensation.

Accident victims affected by insurance bad faith situations should speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer. Your Colorado lawyers help many injured individuals handle the legalities of accident claims, including any dealings with insurance companies. Make an appointment today for a consultation with our firm to learn more!

We work on a percentage fee basis and only get paid if we are successful in obtaining a settlement or judgment on your behalf. The insurance companies have attorneys fighting for them, so should you.

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