While we dig deep into car accident injuries, it is concluded that not every car crash involves more than one vehicle. Single-vehicle accidents are the common occurrences on Colorado’s roadways. The reason could be anything from unsafe roadways to animals crossing the road. Understanding the “how” and “why” most single vehicle auto accidents happen can help you stay safe on road. Here are the most common instances when the crash involves only one vehicle.

Single Car Accident Injuries Causes

Driving Under Influence (DUI)

As per the report of the state department of transportation, alcohol-influenced driving increases the chances of entering into fatal car accidents to 30% more than sober drivers. Besides alcohol, drugs and many such elements which make the driver feel drowsy or out of the world are responsible for the accident. Intoxication is also one of the factors which risk the driver’s life by lowering the decision-making whether he should speed or swerve. For instance, one will immediately approach top personal injury attorney firm in Denver in case if the crash scenario is against another vehicle. But, what should be done in the case when a driver loses control and collides with a fixed object, runs off the road or rolls over? Related Read: What to do after an auto accident?


The way you drive makes a lot of difference. If you are driving too fast at times, you will not be able to gain control of your vehicle when you have to take a turn suddenly. Not only will you endanger your life but may also incur fines if you cross the specified speed limits. Also, if you are driving at more speed, you will not be able to use your best judgment to lower speed in dangerous conditions. As a result of over-speeding, vehicle rollover accidents may occur. And if one crosses speed-limits on wet roads, it may cause hydroplaning, spinning & crashing into partitions. One chooses to consult Car Accident Attorneys if the crash happened due to the fault of the over-speeding opponent. You can still consult them if dealing with the insurance company is getting difficult for you in getting the claims out.

Distracted Driving

As per a report, 3450 people died in the US due to distracted driving. The very first precaution you should take to avoid entering such situations is to make minimum use of smartphones and any task which distracts the driver from the road. The most common distractions are – smartphone usage, eating and drinking, passengers, GPS, radio and personal grooming.

Inexperienced Driving

At times, even your insurance companies will deny your claims just because your vehicle was being driven by an inexperienced driver. Related Read: How to handle accidents caused by Teenagers? Teen drivers usually don’t have any experience how to control the vehicle and tackle sudden appearances of animals or any other objects. They don’t know how to handle the hazards like potholes, animals or wet asphalts safely. As a result, they may use inappropriate maneuvers such as wheel jerking or slamming the brakes. Environmental Conditions It is also possible that the driver has taken all the necessary care but nature is disfavoring the situation and accident occurs. Many accidents in Colorado are due to poor weather conditions when snow, ice, fog or heavy rain makes the roadways unsafe. Moreover, special risks are imposed by urban roads which include poor lighting, fallen trees on roadways and crossing animals. As per a report, of the 51% fatal road crashes which happened in 2016, 10,317 were the single-vehicle crashes.

Roadway/Vehicle Defects

After considering all the related factors, one may ponder if they were actually at fault. It may happen that the driver is not at all at fault but the defective and dangerous auto parts like bad brakes, tire blowouts which cause single-vehicle accidents. Here, the individual is more likely to bring product liability against the at-fault manufacturer. If you fall into this category of car accident injuries victim, our experienced Personal Injury Attorneys can fight for your rights.