While you are looking for Personal Injury Attorneys in Denver , you may have seen this – ‘No-win No-Fee’ Agreement. This is generally interpreted as ‘The attorneys will not charge a single penny until they win the case for you’. But, is it really so? Or it triggers any questions in your mind? Let’s figure out the FAQ on this agreement.

What is No-Win No-Fee?

A no-win no-free agreement is also referred to as a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA). This is an agreement between the client and attorney that if the compensation claim is unsuccessful, no contingency fees will be charged for the lawyer’s services.

How does it work?

Under such agreement, your Injury Attorneys in Colorado will take out an insurance policy on your behalf before they start working on your case. It is done for the coverage of the costs that will be incurred during the claims. These costs are no other than court fees, medical reports and such expenses which are relevant to the case. The individual making claims will not have to bear any additional costs, hidden charges or bill payment incurred during the process of claim.

Is no-win-no-fee & 100% Free Consultation same?

Do not confuse between no-win-no-fee with 100% Free Consultation. During the initial stage when a plaintiff seeks guidance from the attorney, the consultation session is not chargeable. This is what you can conclude from 100% Free Consultation.

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When a victim chose to continue with the particular Car Accident Lawyer in Colorado and they have terms like no-win no-fee, you then know that you will be charged only if they win the case for you.

What if a no-win-no-fee claim is successful?

If your case is successful and the promised approximate amount is received as compensation then the attorneys will charge from you. It includes the basic fees, success fees i.e. the agreed percentage of the compensation received by you and document fees which have been prepared for your case.  

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