Determining an individual’s fault is difficult when more than one vehicle is involved in a car accident. However, the faulty can be figured out by Colorado based Car Accident Attorneys after thorough research of the incident.

Things to do in a Pile-up

It is understood that multiple vehicles are chalked up altogether during such accidents and passengers are expected to handle the situation carefully and calmly. Stay in your vehicle with seat-belts fastened until the exception of imminent danger from flames or smoke. After you have been cleared by emergency workers or are informed by police to exit the vehicle, remember to take pictures of the scene, vehicles, including their vehicle number and gather witness information. In addition to this, read what to do after a car accident to learn more about things to do after a car accident or any kind of road accident.

Causes of Multi-Vehicle Accidents

The five common reasons responsible behind multi-vehicle accidents are no different than in any other road accidents. Influenced driving, drowsiness, distracted driving, speeding or weather conditions may be found as common causes of multi-vehicle accidents. In case if you find any driver escaping from such scene, immediately consult Our Hit and Run Accident lawyers in Denver for help.  

Who is liable in multi-vehicle accidents?

If it is proved at the end of investigations that you have caused certain damage to other individual or vehicle involved in the accident then you are liable to pay for that damages and injuries. Also, your insurance may or may not provide coverage under such situations. What kind of insurance coverage is required to recover from such accidents? Well, it is difficult to determine who is at ‘fault’ in such accidents; here is what you need to know:

  • The damage to the vehicles involved in such accidents is often more extensive than common car accidents because vehicles are hit over and over, maybe in different areas.
  • It is possible that driver and passengers are severely injured in multi-vehicle accidents as the vehicle is hit over and over again.

Thus, both – vehicle and bodily damage can occur and hence personal insurance, as well as vehicle insurance coverage, is required to recover from such accidents.

How is the fault proved?

Several factors influence in determining at-fault parties in a multi-vehicle accident, including whether impairment or distraction. The investigation by our Personal Injury Attorneys involves several steps to gather the necessary evidence that supports your case as:

  • Conducting Individual Interviews of Drivers & Passengers involved
  • Conducting Witness Interviews (if any)
  • Using Accident Reconstruction Tactics
  • Examining Traffic CCTV Footage
  • A thorough investigation of Vehicle Damage
  • Reviewing initial reports taken by police at the scene

Don’t delay if you or any of your loved one is suffering from injuries after multi-vehicle or pile-up accident, we can help.