Did you just suffer from car accident injuries? Are you planning to claim for the damages from the insurance company? It is likely that higher premiums are expected in such situations. Obviously, the scenario will be the same for any victim who is looking for compensation from the opponent. However, tackling things on your own could be waste of time and hence the smart move is to let experienced Personal Injury Lawyers handle your case. Read out the 5 reasons you should not go for DIY when it comes to your Personal Injury case.

Which claims have more impact?

Of the several types of claims, bodily injury claims move the needle most. Generally, bodily claims are filed when an individual is injured as a result of the accident. Depending on the nature of car accident injuries, they often become too costly to be sponsored by own. And when you have the coverage, why would you pay bucks from your pocket?

Insurance Premium Increases

Depending on the states, the insurance premium rates vary after an accident. These premium rates rise high when someone is injured because of another individual. Also, it is important to note that not all accidents lead to a hike in the rates. You don’t need to get confused if this is something you don’t understand. Just consult our Car Accident Attorneys. Here are the instances when the accident does not lead to a rise in premium by the insurance company:

  • The car was legally parked and was hit
  • The driver who hit you was convicted of a moving violation and you were not.
  • The vehicle was damaged by contact with animals or birds
  • You were compensated for the car damage by the responsible person or you have a judgment against that person
  • The car was in a hit-and-run and it was reported by you to the respective authorities within 24 hours
  • The vehicle got damaged from flying gravel, missiles or any falling objects

Besides these, there are several more points insurance companies consider to calculate the premium. Also, it is better to know that insurance companies are also businesses set-up with an aim to earn profits. Here is why you should not trust insurance companies?

How our Denver Personal Injury Attorneys can help?

Our professional team of Personal Injury Attorneys will help you deal with the insurance companies on your behalf. Whether it is your insurance company or the opponent, it is not your cup of tea to deal with them. So, it’s better hand it over to the professionals & get the desired outcome without feeling any burden. As we are recovering millions for our clients every year, we would like to assist you too.