You may have been guided by your Personal Injury Attorneys that social media could diminish the value of your legal claims. This can be easily understood by those who are currently involved in a lawsuit or those who think they may ever be in one. Social media like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and more are assisting social media investigations of Personal Injury Lawyers. Though the posts and stories are harmless when uploaded, they may be used as a tool to change the outcome of lawsuits. You may learn more from our Colorado Injury Attorneys team, one of the best and award-winning Personal Injury Lawyers in Denver, looking to protect you from social media killing your lawsuit.

An instance of Facebook…

Let’s understand this with an instance of how social media can turn the tables for the victim. While representing a defendant whereby the plaintiff claims that he was permanently disabled after the crash, visiting his Facebook profile traced a different scenario. The pictures which dated after the alleged injury portrayed the plaintiff partying in a sound condition. You can clearly see who will be at loss here and whose case will be weakened. Even if the party was a throwback, it may be used against the defendant. Personal Injury Lawyers are now actively using social media for investigation.

Is social media information allowed in a lawsuit?

Let’s evaluate the defendant’s rights from a legal standpoint. Generally, social media information does affect the lawsuit. It depends on the opponent attorneys how they use your social media profiles to frame the case. For safe side, you should not let anything to be caught in hand mistakenly as it will ultimately be harmful to you. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Snapchat stories become an instant repository of information for the opponent attorneys. These social media profiles are vulnerable sources to access personal information in one or the other way. The general rule of thumb is: Keep things Private. When you know that you are expecting compensation, be very careful about what you post on social media. By not being careful, you will be killing your own lawsuit. The bottom line is you need to be smart when you know that you are in a lawsuit and lawyers will find you and use the information against you.

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