Motorcycle accident injuries are different than car accident injuries in certain ways. According to Motorcycle Accident Lawyers, this is because of some unique factors inherent in motorcycle and motorcycle riding, the causes, injuries and the resulting liabilities from the same. The end thought is regarding estimating the worth of claims, so let’s have a look at every factor which affects the claim.

Motorcycle Accident Injuries

As compared to cars, motorbikes have two wheels and they do not enclose the rider in a metal box. These characteristics are enough to make biking riskier than cars. As a result, the injuries are more likely to be fatal and cause death. Following are the possibilities of risk:

  1. Less Visibility to Cars as two-wheelers are smaller and easily hidden by large objects on and off the road. This is one of the reasons they are less visible at intersections.
  2. Road Hazards which cause the motorcycle to crash are debris, uneven road surfaces, small objects and wet pavements.
  3. Motorcycle riders come in direct contact with the road as it does not have airbags and injuries will occur despite wearing safety gears.
  4. Instability is caused due to emergency braking and swerving. Also, the front-wheel wobble occurring at high speeds is also the reason behind some two-wheeler wrecks.
  5. Speeding and fast accelerating influence the high-risk behavior which then leads to an accident.

How Motorcycle Accident Injuries Claim amount is calculated?

Considering the risks and several other factors associated with the claim, one can consult Top Personal Injury Attorneys to estimate the final amount which can be received as compensation. However, the two basic factors are taken into account – liability, and damages. Liabilities are calculated on the basis of the involved person behind the accident. When you are claiming the liabilities, you are expected to prove that the injuries happened to you are because of the opponent. If you fail to prove this, then the opponent doesn’t owe you any single penny. Hence there are several reasons behind not opting for DIY Personal Injury Case which you need to understand. Damages usually revolve around injuries and other losses which were suffered in connection with the accident. Here, the compensations can be claimed according to the severity of injuries.

Before reaching the final calculations, the damages in a personal injury case are divided into two types:

1. Monetary Damages (past, present & future lost earnings, medical bills, financial losses) 2. Non-Monetary Damages (pain and suffering)

Valuations based on Settlement & Trial Values

Motorcycle Accident Attorneys can help you out in getting compensations which are generally based on settlement and trial values. Settlement value is the amount you expect from the opponent to pay you. Generally, the settlement values are lower than the trial value because the victims agree for settlements when they fear of losing the case. Opposed to this, a trial value is an amount you win after trials.

Hire Denver Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

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