When someone else’s fault has caused car accident injuries to you in Denver, then your Personal Injury Lawyers will look to the insurance company of the at-fault party to pay the settlement that you deserve . Insurance companies are typically in the business of collecting premiums, but not necessarily pay out on claims. They will look for any reason to deny your claim, saying that it was your fault, fully or partially. You have already learnt a lot about why you cannot trust insurance company. The knowledgeable and experienced Auto Accident Attorneys at Fisher Injury Law are well aware of the tricks usually utilized by insurance companies to limit their liability for your personal injury claims. Having numbers of clients already recovered under similar scenarios, our Personal Injury Attorneys will investigate and evaluate your claim to help you acquire the monetary compensation that you deserve.

Reasons for Car Accident Injuries

There are numbers of situations that jeopardize the safety of others on road:

  • Driver’s Distraction (Drink and Drive, Texting while driving and so on)
  • Unqualified Drivers (Ineligible drivers putting other lives at risk)
  • Poor Roadway Conditions
  • Improper Weather Conditions
  • Abrupt Lane Changing
  • Speeding & disobeying road signs
  • Vehicle’s Negligent Maintenance

How to prove the At-fault driver’s negligence?

It is the responsibility of every Denver citizen to drive their vehicle in safe and prudent manner so they don’t create any dangerous situations for other drivers. Obeying the driving laws and regulations is applicable to every driver. Even though the accident occurred due to the reckless opponent’s negligence, it is still the Plaintiff’s burden to prove the other party’s fault. Hence you need to prove that the other driver acted unreasonably, or violated statutory law, whichever is applicable. You are also required to prove that the car accident injuries and damages resulted directly from the wreck.

When can your liability claim get Limited or Denied?

In many personal injury cases the insurance carrier will try to convince the plaintiff to either agree on particular amount (which is unfairly low for the injuries and damages) or they may deny the claim based on liability. While this is just the beginning, you need to learn more about Colorado laws applicable to personal injury claims to understand when your liability claim might get limited or denied. You need to understand that your recovery can be reduced or barred by your own negligence. Under Colorado’s Partial Comparative Fault Standard, if you are found to be negligent by speeding, distracted driving, or any other reason, you will not be able to recover 100% of your damages. For example, if you are 20% responsible for the auto accident, you will only recover 80% of your damages from the at-fault party. Also, it is important to remember that if you are over 50% responsible for the accident, you will not receive a single penny for claim, due to Colorado’s Modified Comparative Fault System.

Chances of Receiving Potential Compensation as Car Accident Victim

An injured auto accident victim can still recover for economic and non-economic damages when you are partially responsible for the accident. The expected recovery here includes:

  • Medical Bills
  • Physical Therapy Cost
  • Loss of Wages & Earning Capacity
  • Emotional Distress
  • Loss of Companionship & Spousal Support

Fighting Liability is simplified with Experts

It is hard to deal with the fatal circumstances of auto accidents, which can be life-changing. You are already dealing with a lot of emotional turmoil, which can be difficult to recover from, but your physical injuries and property damages can be monetarily compensated. You deserve to be compensated for the traumatic experience that you went through, and our efficient Personal Injury lawyers are available to evaluate your case with a free consultation.