Personal injury cases need to be handled very carefully. Even with Personal Injury Attorneys by your side to help you receive just compensation, certain things require mindfulness by you, the victim. When you make the decision to go to trial, even the most minor action can mean a lot. Your past words or statements can come back to haunt you. It is important to understand that silence holds value, too. Here are some possible outcomes of providing a legal statement without consulting an attorney…

…False Confession

When the police arrive at the scene of an accident or crime, they often use scare tactics and intimidation to coerce confessions from innocent people. It seems unbelievable that a person would confess to a crime they did not commit, but it can—and does—happen. Some investigations can go on for hours and investigators take advantage of a person’s duress, exhaustion, fear, and ignorance of the law to coerce confessions. Police interrogators are allowed to use deceit while questioning “suspects,” whether it’s at the scene of a crime, or in an interrogation room. If you know you are not at fault, wait for your Auto Accident Attorneys to represent you.


You may be completely innocent of a crime, but the small details of your actions can hold meaning to an investigator. You should refrain from making statements against your own interests or which could make you a suspect. Anything you say to an investigator can be used against you at a later time, even if you have not been advised of your Miranda rights.

…Contributory Negligence

Both written and oral statements can be recorded as evidence. In Auto Accident cases, insurance companies—both your insurance company and for the at-fault party—frequently request recorded or written statements. By providing them with these statements, they can use your words at a later time to show you contributed some amount of negligence to the accident. In some states, such as North Carolina, this can be used to prevent you from recovering anything in your Personal Injury case.

…Fewer Chances of Recovery

You will be advised by your Auto Accident Attorneys to not make any kind of hasty decisions while negotiating with Insurance Companies. There are several reasons which should make you think twice when dealing with Insurance Companies.

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They are businesses established to make a profit at the end of the day and will look for ways they can pay you less. Even your own insurance company can try to manipulate you and convince you to accept their offer when they know your claim is worth considerably more.

Hire award-winning Personal Injury Lawyers

Consulting with one of the best Personal Injury Lawyers is the best decision you can make after a motor vehicle accident. Before you make a misstep and harm your own Personal Injury Case with a silly mistake, opt for a Free Consultation with experienced attorneys. Then hire our Personal Injury Attorneys who will guide you to the best possible outcome for you.