Approaching expert Auto Accident Attorneys could be the answer, but let’s dig deeper into this. Teens are vulnerable drivers who often don’t know the rules and guidelines of driving, their lack of experience on the road can often mean disaster for others on the road with them. More commonly then not the severity of injuries is unimaginable. An example of this is a recent accident that happened in January when a car full of teens crashed into a police officer. It is important for all drivers to know what to expect the moment a crash with a teen happens.

What is the liability of their Parents?

Parents of teens are generally required to sign an affidavit of guardianship and liability when their minor children obtain a learner’s permit or driver’s license from the department of motor vehicles. This affidavit is typically filed with the application for the permit or driver’s license. This affidavit imputes any liability of the minor onto the minor’s parents. If you find yourself injured due to the negligence of a minor driver, it is important to request that information from the DMV. This can be a little complicated – luckily your our personal injury lawyers are available to do that for you.

Family Car Doctrine

Under the family car doctrine, the head or co-heads of a household may be found liable for the driving conduct of the minor children within that household. In order to utilize this doctrine, the plaintiff should demonstrate that the minor was driving with the express or implied consent of the parents. This can be very helpful if you find yourself the victim of an accident caused by a teen driver.