If you have been injured in an accident, you need help from a Personal Injury Attorney. The basic idea is to file a personal injury claim against the responsible party. This could be your insurer, or another driver’s insurer. Obviously, filing a claim is the first step towards being compensated for the pain and suffering you suffered during and after the accident. There are four basic parts to filing insurance claims which every victim should know.

Types of Personal Injury Insurance Claims

First-Party & Third-Party Claims

Insurance claims can be broadly categorized into first- and third-party claims. The former is one you file with your own insurance company while a third-party claim is one filed against another person or business’s insurance provider. You don’t need to worry about this as your Personal Injury Lawyers will handle everything on your behalf regarding which parties should be dealt with. “How is your claim decided?”The kind of claim which you will be filing depends on the parties involved in the accident, the type of accident which occurred and the extent of insurance coverage.”

The Process of Claiming Insurance

It is considered best to report the incident to the respective insurance company within 24 hours of the incident. This usually applies to any kind of road crash. But, before you make any kind of claims with the insurance company, you should make sure that you are not at fault. You can then provide them details about the causes of the accident and the extent of injuries. This will be further investigated by the insurance company. Be prepared with the evidence, including photographs, witness names and every minute details of the incident. You might also have to submit an independent medical examination, as chosen by the insurer. If you are confused whether this applies to you or not, consult your Car Accident Attorneys and get it cleared.  

Claim Denials & Appeal Process

To be clear, your Personal Injury Attorneys Denver will let you know whether your case is eligible to be filed or not. They will also guide you whether or not your claim will be accepted. There are certain reasons why personal injury insurance claims might be denied. For instance, you didn’t file the case on time and when you realized filing the same, the time has expired. Another possibility is that the car accident injuries you suffered are not covered under your insurance plan. Whatever the incident is, if you are notified about the denial of claims, it then depends on you whether or not to appeal the denial of claims. If you want to move ahead and appeal the denial, you should consult an insurance attorney.  

Valuation of Insurance Claims

The valuation of insurance claims is ultimately the amount which is going to be paid against the pain and suffering. All the monetary and non-monetary losses are considered here. The special damages amounts can be claimed for extremely deliberating injuries. It should be noted that the claims are negotiable, so you can ask for higher settlement amounts with the insurance companies. Want to file an insurance claim? Hire award-winning Denver Personal Injury Attorneys now!