Heavy vehicles like truck are massive in size and weight and anything which collides with will be left devastated. The complexity of truck accident cases is more than automobile accident cases and the impacts are catastrophic. Truck cases involve much more sophisticated investigations compared to auto accidents involving regular cars, so it’s important that you contact experienced truck accident lawyers. If your loved ones are involved in a trucking accident, and they are hurt, badly injured or killed, we recommend that you consult an experienced truck accident attorney who has the knowledge and necessary resources to fight and get you the compensation and justice that you deserve.

Causes of Truck Accident

Most Truck accidents occur due to a number of causes, of which, the most common are described below: 1. Driver’s Fatigue Due to long-run driving, drivers feel restlessness and hence fatigue is often the cause of major truck accidents. Fatigue can be the sole cause of wrecks, or combined with numbers of factors Either way the accident is often fatal. 2. Under-ride and Over-ride Accidents Under-ride accidents are horrific and can result in catastrophic injuries. Over-ride accidents refer to accidents that occur when the truck runs over the vehicle from the side. Studies shows that half of the truck wrecks are often deadly. 3. Improper Loading or Overloading If the vehicle is not loaded properly or is overloaded, it can cause an imbalance and the vehicle might get out of control, and the driver may not be able to handle the truck under certain situations on the road. 4. Hazardous weather conditions Human factors alone are not always responsible for causing accidents, sometimes nature does not help the situation. Natural occurrences such asheavy rains, heavy snowfalls, thunderstorm etc, can contribute to the accident by creating a dangerous station for the driver. Truck drivers often do not decide to pull over and wait out storms, even when it is no longer safe to drive. This creates the risk of serious accidents. 5. Excessive Speeding Whether it is a car, motorcycle or any other vehicle, speeding often results in serious or even fatal accidents. Excessive speeding can lead to damage, either physical, emotional or property damage and takes away many lives. 6. Negligent Driving by other Drivers Non-attentiveness of other drivers might also be responsible for accidents, and can result in serious injuries for the victims. 7. Poor maintenance of Truck The Vehicle is required to be maintained properly and if it is not kept in healthy and sound condition, mechanical failure may result, thus leaving driver in critical situations and endangering others on the road. Who may be the responsible parties?

  • Truck Driver
  • The owner of the Truck
  • Manufacturers of Equipment
  • Government Entities
  • Negligent Drivers

Why should you hire Truck Accident Lawyers? Before consulting any attorney, it is important that you not agree to any settlement at the scene of an accident. The reason is that whatever you agree to may be used against you to limit or even bar your recovery completely. As truck accident lawyers, we can protect you from insurance company adjusters who are trained to make you say things that are harmful to your case. We help you prove your case and get you compensation that you are entitled to.

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Truck accidents are catastrophic to both drivers and other motorists. Apart from serious physical injuries, such wrecks can cause loss of time at work, anxiety which can lower your quality of life, and potentially even death. To handle such a complex case, one needs experienced and knowledgeable lawyers to represent you. We are specialists in handling truck accident cases and our attorneys have in-depth knowledge and quality of excellence. We are also available for consultations on short notice, and can often get you in on the same day that you call. Protecting your legal rights and helping you get the compensation that you deserve is our passion. Each case is handled personally by our lawyers who have understand the law, and have experience with these cases. We will fight for you. Observing the common causes of truck accidents, it is analyzed that in most cases the crash is caused due to excessive speed, dangerous driving and driver’s fatigue and thus truck drivers are responsible for this. Also, numbers of factors are responsible behind rash driving, the extreme pressure by employers or contractors for unrealistic demands by ignoring dangerous consequences and so on which ultimately gets dangerous for other drivers on-road. It takes a lot of time to clear medical bills, physical rehabilitation or covering other losses and so we are at your rescue with our goal of seeking you best compensation possible.