The Personal Injury Law often mentions Personal Injury Damages but it is important for you to be understand term ‘Damage’. Knowledge of your damages increases your awareness and empowers you in making accurate decisions in stressful situations. Damages generally refer to the amount awarded by the court for the claim. Let’s discover the types of damages generally encountered in personal injury cases, Economic Damages, Non-economic Damages, Compensatory Damages, and Punitive or Exemplary Damages.

1. Economic Damages

Economic Damages are the ones which cause financial and property damages and these include the following: • Loss of Wages These can occur due to severe injury, when the victim is not able to go to work and as a result loses wages. This can be a significant amount of money, depending on the length of ongoing medical treatment. An attorney can help you out by calculating lost opportunities on the basis of wages or promotions which might be received if an accident has not occurred. • High Medical Expenses Medical bills consume a lot of savings, particularly if one is not insured. This can create a dire situation if the insurance carrier denies paying off the claimed amount. From the Emergency visit to the hospital to every physical therapy session, it will create expenses which place most Plaintiffs in financial hardship. • Property Damages Your car may have undergone a lot of damage, which forms the basis of your property damage claim. The insurance company of the responsible party is generally liable to pay you for the repair or replacement of the vehicle.

2. Non-economic Damages

Opposite to the above ones, Non-economic or General damages cover non-economic losses or damages which are difficult to measure in terms of bucks. The suffering or internal damage caused to the plaintiff as well as the severity of injuries which might even extend to loss of life often have an even greater impact than economic loss. Compensation for this second category of damages will be claimed by your Personal Injury Lawyers in Denver. It might seem tricky as it is difficult to describe the physical or emotional pain caused due to the accident. These are the subjective factors which are a matter of concern of the attorney you hire for your case and most of the times the past experience of cases allows them to estimate and file claims on your behalf. Like we have discussed with Economic damages, let us have a glance at the situations which fall under the category of non-monetary harms: • Emotional Distress An accident is a traumatic event and hence it might leave victim under emotional distress which is accompanied equally by physical injuries and trauma. • Loss of Enjoyment of Life It takes a considerable amount of time for the victim to recover and get back to routine life, and meanwhile has to stay away from his/her hobbies while in a state of pain or disability. Attorneys will argue for compensation if the accident has kept you away from your usual activities due to severe pain. • Lifelong Disfigurement Sometimes due to the extreme severity of the accident, the victim might incur loss or permanent injury on any body part. Depending on the extent of the injury, our best Personal Injury Lawyers of Colorado will help you get the compensation that you deserve. • Inconvenience Difficulties faced during work or the inconvenience caused by remaining absent at school, college or at an important event are also possible damages.

3. Compensatory Damages

The actual damages which set you back to the real condition which you were on before the accident are compensatory damages. These include all those damages that we have discussed so far. These damages are fully compensable, and we will fight to make sure that you receive as much money as possible.

4. Punitive Damages

The damages whose sole purpose is to punish the responsible party are referred to as punitive or exemplary damages. The basis for these damages might not be the accident only, it may be due to serious injuries suffered, illegal behavior of responsible party, or due to death.

How to Recover from Personal Injury?

If you are an injured or a victim of personal injury in a car accident in Colorado, our highly knowledgeable and experienced team of Personal Injury Lawyers are here to your rescue. We understand the extreme physical and emotional pain you are facing after a car accident and with our best efforts; we will represent you in the court of law by taking care of all angles and hence work to get you the best results possible. Are you a victim? Connect with us now!