Personal Injury Attorneys should definitely be approached after car accident injuries in order to get the compensation that you deserve. But, most of the times, victims are not aware of the entire procedure involved in personal injury cases. Be it any kind of road crash, many parts of the case will remain same for the attorneys to handle.

Discovery Phase

After a lawsuit is filed, but before the auto accident lawsuit goes to trial, both parties will have the opportunity to engage in discovery. Here, both parties are given equal chance to discuss and obtain facts from their opponent. The main intent of discovery phase is to obtain information that can be used for settlement purposes, or at trial. This allows both the parties to prepare well for trial. This process involves mandatory discovery, written requests, and depositions.

1. Mandatory Discovery

The first phase of discovery involves initial disclosures. This process is mandatory, and forces all parties to turn over all potentially relevant documents in their possession, custody, or control. In addition, each party is required to provide the names and contact information of individuals with potentially discoverable information.

2. Written Discovery Phase

In this phase, both parties have the right to issue discovery requests to their opposing party. This takes the form of interrogatories, requests for admission, and requests for the production of documents. The interrogatories are written questions that typically must be answered under oath. Requests for admission require the opponent to admit or deny facts put forward by the propounding party. All of these requests are limited based on the Colorado Rules of Civil Procedure and the Court’s Case Management Order, including the Production of Documents.

3. Producing Documents

Here you can ask the opponent to produce the documents they have that are relevant to the case. This will help your Personal Injury Lawyers to prepare for trial. You have the right to ask for the documents such as business records, medical records, cell phone records or anything else relevant to a claim or defence.

4. Deposition

The person is under oath during a deposition, and answers to the auto accident attorneys questions. The entire transcript is recorded by a court reporter. Every attorney has his own strategy on how to conduct depositions, but there are some broad themes. Depositions allow the attorney to confirm what the witness would say at trial, “lock in” their testimony, and potentially obtain information that can be used for impeachment. Based on how the depositions go, the case will move further and it gives an overall idea of what the other party has to say, the point of view of witnesses, etc….

Personal Injury Trial

When you consult a Personal Injury Attorney, they will help you decide whether it makes sense to move forward with a jury trial or not. Well, what do you mean by a trial? A trial involves presenting your case to the Court of law where the jury examines the available evidence, and delivers a verdict regarding whether the defendant is legally pointed responsible for car accident injuries suffered by the plaintiff or not. Although most Plaintiff’s cases do settle before trial, we always prepare as though we are going forward with a jury trial. . There are several stages involved in trials:

  1. Jury Selection and Voir Dire
  2. Opening Statements
  3. The Plaintiff’s Case-in-chief
  4. The Defendant’s case-in-chief
  5. Closing Arguments
  6. Jury Instructions from the Judge
  7. Jury Deliberation and the final Verdict

Hiring Personal Injury Attorney

It is incredibly important that you contact an Auto Accident Attorney as soon as possible. The earlier they get involved, the easier it will be for them to obtain necessary information to best present your case. Also it is important to know that you don’t have unlimited time to file your case, so you need to make an early decision and hire our award-winning Personal Injury Law firm to help you out. Free yourself from troubles and gear up your damage recovery by consulting one of the best Personal Injury Lawyers of Denver on 303-779-5300.