What should you do after an auto accident? Act quickly. The steps you take immediately following a car accident injuries could make or break your insurance claim. Provided that you are able, you will want to pull over to a safe area off the road, such as the shoulder so that you can be out of the way of traffic. If you can’t move your car from the road, then all those inside of the vehicle should remain where they are with their seat-belts fastened. Anyone who gets out of the car while in the middle of the road risks additional injury. It can be easy to become disoriented after an accident, and this is why many people are so overcome by the shock that they step out of their vehicles directly into the line of traffic, injuring them further. If you are in the middle of traffic and can pull your vehicle off to a safer area away from the road, do so.

Once you are safe, try to exchange as much information as possible with the other driver or drivers involved. This information will enable the insurance companies to communicate with each other to determine the validity of any claims. You may also need to get the badge number and name of any law enforcement officers on the scene. If you are able, document your case with pictures of the cars, the surrounding environment, and any injuries incurred. Even if you were not responsible for your accident, liability may be shifted onto you. This is why it is so important to avoid admitting fault after a collision. Any admission of this kind could be used against you when it comes to determining fault and getting compensation.

Getting Medical Treatment


One of the most urgent things to do after an auto accident is to get the medical attention that you need. Even if you do not feel that you are seriously injured, there may still be cause for concern. Closed head injuries, for example, are types of injuries in which the brain is injured in a way that is not evident immediately after the accident. Without treatment, closed head injuries could lead to severe damage. It is highly recommended that you seek out medical treatment immediately following your accident. Not only will this aid in your recovery, but it will serve as important information for the insurance company to evaluate.

In some accidents, the victim is unable to obtain evidence and information due to the severity of the injuries suffered. In addition to helping you get a maximum settlement, we can dispatch our own staff to assist in ensuring that the proper evidence from the scene is obtained for your claim. As time passes, evidence can be difficult to find, accident scenes are cleared, and witnesses may no longer be available. Moving forward quickly can be crucial in your case, and we advise you to contact our firm at once to make sure that you have the best possible documentation to help get your claim resolved successfully.

Taking Accident Scene Pictures

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If you are involved in a car accident, making a good record of the scene is absolutely necessary. Taking plenty of pictures of vehicle damage, property damage, or injuries sustained can be of great benefit when it comes to dealing with insurance companies. Soon after an accident, an insurance adjuster will be assigned to your case. They will then evaluate all of the evidence from the incident, which can include pictures that you look at the scene of the accident. Photographs are valuable evidence because they can objectively reveal much about what actually happened.

What Should You Photograph?

Your first reaction after an accident is probably not going to be to take pictures. After you have assessed the situation, called the police, and spoken with the other driver, you should try to take pictures of the accident, if you are able. What should you photograph? First of all, you should photograph your car. Take pictures from all angles of your vehicle while being careful to stay clear of the road and passing cars.

Also, take pictures of the other vehicle to fully and adequately reflect the damage that was done. Next, you should take pictures of the road conditions. Your accident may be a case of poor weather conditions or improper road signs, for example. Finally, it is important to take a picture of any skid marks that were left on the road by your accident. They could explain details significant to the cause of the incident.

Preserving the Evidence

Remember that evidence from the scene has the potential to change quickly. If you wait to have your injuries evaluated by a doctor until even just a few days after the accident, your physical condition could likely change. The accident scene may also change rapidly, so it is important to take a picture that will accurately portray the scene of the accident as close as possible to the time it occurred. This can be critical in regards to getting maximum compensation. Attempting to recreate an accident by simply describing what you thought happened usually isn’t as effective as photos. Car accidents are traumatic, and they can cause a driver or passenger to quickly forget the details of what happened, which is why accident descriptions may not be entirely accurate.

Fisher & Associates PC treats every client as an individual, and our attorneys will take the time to evaluate and compile all the evidence in connection with your accident. Their car accident attorneys have represented the interests of many accident victims in the Colorado area and have been successful in a large majority of them. Your Colorado Lawyers will fight for your right to compensation for medical bills, wages lost and other expenses related to the car accident.