Handing over your case to Personal Injury Attorney Denver is handing over the responsibility to win the case for you. Did you ever wonder which general rules are applied as filters by Car Accident Attorney to channelize your case? It is generally complicated to determine the legal responsibility for a personal injury case but the conflict always sticks on whether the opponent was careless or ‘negligent’. Every victim has one common mindset that they want compensation from the at-fault party, but, before getting to that point, it is important to determine who was legally at fault.

Personal Injury Attorney Determines Legal Liability

Read about how Personal Injury Attorney determines the legal liabilities for any kind of injuries cases. Sometimes the drivers are careless and this leads to accidents. The one who was less careful has to pay for the portion of damages caused to a more careful one & this is the general rule. Hence, the legal liability for almost all road accidents is determined by this rule of carelessness and by one or more of the following simple propositions:

  • If the injured person/victim was as careless as the at-fault party, his or her compensation may be reduced by the extent as both are equally responsible for the accident. This is generally referred to as comparative negligence.
  • When the accident is caused by a negligent person while working for someone else, the employer is legally responsible for the accident.

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  • If a poorly maintained property is damaged due to the accident, the owner himself is liable for being careless for property maintenance regardless of whether or not he actually created the dangerous situation.
  • In case of a defective product responsible for causing the accident (e.g.: Manufacturing defect of the vehicle) then the manufacturer or the seller of the product are both liable even if the victim does not know which one of the two is responsible for creating or allowing the defect.

What if more than one Person is at fault?

It is also possible that more than one party is responsible for causing the accident. What would be done in this case? Who will compensate the plaintiff? Well, in such cases, the responsible parties have to decide between themselves as to who will reimburse. For instance, if one of the two is insured, you can claim the compensation from them.

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