Victims often contact their insurance company as one of the first steps after a car accident. However, if you contact an insurance company after an accident, you have to be very careful regarding your conversations with them. Your Personal Injury Attorneys will ask whether you have informed your insurance company or not so they can develop strategies to move forward. There are certain things which you need to keep in mind while conversing with your insurer so you don’t hurt your case by yourself. Here are the highlights:

1. They are not looking out for you

Insurance is a business, and the insurance companies are focused on making a profit. Whether it is your own insurance company or the opponent’s, their goal is to avoid paying any money, or to pay as little as possible. Any communication that they have with you can be used to try to reduce the value of your claim. You should not expect to be treated fairly by either insurance carrier. You have to fight for what you deserve, which is extremely difficult to do on your own. Instead, let the award-winning personal injury lawyers do it for you.

2. They can use your recorded statements against you

It is a usual practice of insurance companies to take a recorded statement of the persons involved in the accident. It might seem like a formality on their end, but they actually do so to analyze the statements and find information to reduce the value of your claim. Don’t be surprised if they assign part of the fault for the accident on you, or say that you are not that injured as you have stated so you don’t deserve the compensation. Make sure that you consult your Auto Accident Attorney before agreeing to give any statement.

3. Insurance Company might Keep a Watch on you

In major injury cases when the claims are high, insurance companies may hire private investigators to conduct surveillance on you or keep an eye on your social media activities. They often take these actions out of context to try to defeat or reduce the value of your claim. Your Personal Injury Attorney is there to protect you against these insurance tactics.

4. Terms and Conditions might apply to “Independent” medical exams

You may be told by your insurance company that you have reached maximum improvement, even though you have not recovered. They may even request that you subject yourself to an “independent” medical examination to help defeat your claim. This is the common tactic they use to reduce the amount they have to pay you. You are not necessarily required to submit to an examination by a doctor of the insurance carrier’s choosing. This can depend on the nature of the claim, the requirements of your insurance policy, and any arrangement that our personal injury lawyers can work out on your behalf. Your Car Accident Attorneys are here to ensure that you obtain the compensation that you deserve.

5. Take stand for yourself

Remember that insurance companies have hundreds of attorneys at their disposal. You should not face them alone. Your attorneys will fight against any unfair behaviour by the insurance company, and work to achieve the best result possible. Be courageous to take a stand for yourself to get your life back on track and leave the handling of the legal complexities to your attorney.

The Bottom Line

You cannot expect any insurance company to be fair with you or behave as you expect, no matter if it is your insurer or the opponent.

Want to do next?

Hire one of the experienced lawyers from our team of Personal Injury Attorneys, who are well equipped to deal with your insurance company. They will bring their expertise to your claim, to maximize the compensation that you receive. Don’t delay your claim for compensation. Consult us now.