Motorcycle accidents seem to be on the increase and climate change may be an important reason behind this. As the warm weather sets in, motorcycle attorneys come across numbers of clients who have been injured in a two-wheeler accident. As mentioned by an article of The Denver Post 3 years ago, for the very first time in the history of Colorado, more than 100 bike rider deaths occurred in a single year. The ratio grew to 125 the next year, 2016, as reported by Colorado Department of Transportation. Colorado weather gets warmer and days get longer when we move toward March and April. Most people like to get outside on their bike when the weather is warm and hit the road for a nice, long drive. Before you are forced to search for “personal injury lawyers near me”, let us provide you with some tips to enjoy your summer on your bike.

Gear-Up Before the Ride

You might want to go out for a short ride or a long drive but you need to prepare well before you insert the keys in your bike. What do we mean by being prepared here?

  • Check your Motorcycle for normal maintenance issues that can cause problems for you out on the road, such as low tire pressure or needing an oil change
  • Decide and plan out your route
  • Look for emergency supplies available to you
  • Plan the stops you will make (for rest, food or gas-refilling etc.)
  • Choose the right clothing that will help protect you from both the sun, and in the event of a collision
  • Stay updated with riding information of others if you are riding with a group

Since you have a pre-planned route and have all the necessary details on hand, you don’t have to worry and can enjoy your ride in the sunshine.  

Prevent Yourself from Distraction and Impairment

Distracted motorcycle driving is more dangerous than distracted driving with any other vehicle. It has been noticed by major motorcycle accident lawyers that many clients were distracted when the accident occurred. Distracted riding can be the riskiest and deadliest thing you can do. A little distraction can cost you a life. It is likely that you are habituated listening to songs while driving but it prevents you from noticing any potential oncoming threats. GPS devices, in-helmet cell-phone access and helmets with head-up displays are similar distractions. Just remember one thing, you should be focusing on driving and nothing else.

Wear Your Safety Gear

Motorcycle accidents today have become a very serious matter to pay heed to and safety gear is something you should seriously consider as a rider. There are cases when the rider survives major injuries due to wearing a helmet, eye-protection gear, and the right clothing. Do what you can to keep yourself safe. Helmets can prevent you from traumatic brain injury, or even death. It is not unknown to motorcyclists that they are not legally required to wear a helmet but it is highly recommended by the auto accident attorneys to wear them for your safety. Because it is you who will have to suffer later, why don’t you initiate prevention?

Do You Need any Assistance?

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